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Testimonials for George E. Meng and Sierra B. Mitchell

Maryland trust, estate and real property litigation attorney

“Mr. Meng is an exceptional lawyer who is honest, diligent and knows the law explicitly. He displays compassion, integrity and resilience when handling your case. He exhibits such patience and understanding in ascertaining the most efficient and cost effective approach in addressing your legal needs. I found him to be not only an outstanding lawyer but also a true gentleman.”

“Mr. Meng provided the utmost professionalism in an extremely difficult estate case wherein three siblings were deadlocked and the estate was not moving forward at all in over a year. In an extremely complicated and emotional estate case involving both parents passing away within six months of each other, three siblings with three different attorneys and no agreement, Mr. Meng came in and was able to move the case forward and settled within a couple of months. Mr. Meng was a hands-on attorney even to the point of spending a Saturday going through forty years of “stuff” to have the case move forward. Mr. Meng knows the law and was available for consultations at any time. Most importantly, the case was settled quickly and equitably.”

“George handled some estate business and was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was forward-looking and anticipated what needed to be done and made the estate transaction as smooth as possible.”

“We have used Mr. George Meng’s services as a top notch attorney extensively over the past 5 years. We were referred to him after our main attorney developed terminal health issues. George Meng handled a wide range of delicate and difficult matters for us. These included a substantial predatory lawsuit, which was settled satisfactorily. He also handed an estate that involved not only personal assets, but a Chapter S Corporation as well as a complicated LLC. Estate taxes were involved. Mr. Meng is a real work-horse; he’s smart, he’s polite but aggressive (in the best sort of way). We unfortunately had to meet with ‘formidable adversaries’ and his ‘gravitas’ as an Attorney was invaluable. His logical approach to matters tends to drive the right kind of solutions and reduce the tendency for unproductive conflict. As we learned, ‘George Does Not Play’ (around); we particularly appreciated his extensive help getting all the accounting straightened out with both Estate matters as well as complicated business matters. He ‘rolls up his sleeves’ and will and does do ‘whatever it takes’ to get to the bottom of things. He does what he says he’ll do. Of particular note is his value not only just as a skilled technical Attorney, but as one who gives useful/pragmatic advice. That ‘intangible’ is worth its weight in gold. Speaking of ‘value,’ Mr. Meng’s services do not come cheap, but the best never does and value-wise I sincerely think that you would be hard pressed to find a better attorney provided he works in the areas you need the help with. If you have a legal challenge and are a ‘Do Only the Right Thing’ person, then I think you cannot find a better no-nonsense attorney.”


“First, I highly recommend George Meng.


After meeting with three other attorneys, I selected Mr. Meng because I felt that he was more knowledgeable and would be more thorough and trustworthy. I did not have the time to work with someone I had questions about, particularly since my family had just suffered the loss of both our parents and our oldest brother within seven months of each other.

Mr. Meng provided me with a free consultation, which gave me the information I needed to decide on the best direction to pursue. He has handled our estate, personal property estate, and lawsuits. Mr. Meng is a very detailed attorney. He has a way of explaining things so that you fully understand what you are reading, what you are faced with, and what the law says. I was even surprised at how he would take the time to show me in print what the law says and then explain it. He also gave examples of cases and how they turned out. All this was helpful to know because it allowed me to make informed decisions.

Mr. Meng does not waste your time; he gives you the facts and the important details. I have never felt like I was being rushed through or that he did not have the time. He is also proactive and very quick to respond by returning phone calls and e-mails.

Mr. Meng has been on the job representing me since day one. His representation in many court appearances has been such a tremendous relief. At difficult and uncertain times, you need someone who knows what he is doing, will take the time needed, will be thorough, and will look out for your best interest. Mr. Meng fulfills all these and more, and again, I recommend him highly.”

“George did a fantastic job in pursuing my case from the trial level through the Maryland Court of Appeals. His fee was reasonable and he kept me informed throughout.”


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“Mr. Meng is an exceptional lawyer who is honest, diligent and knows the law explicitly. He displays compassion, integrity and resilience when handling your case.” Read More