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The central theme running through Meng Law is that of helping resolve disputes involving family members in Southern Maryland. Attorneys Sierra B. Mitchell and George Meng are experienced and aggressive litigators, but they are also trained mediators and creative problem-solvers. When you have a family law matter that is troubling you, you can count on the lawyers at Meng Law to listen to you with compassion and understanding, to fully inform you and advise you of your options, and to provide effective representation that upholds your rights, protects your interests, and meets your needs. Learn more below about the Southern Maryland family law practice at Meng Law, and contact our Prince Frederick family attorneys for help with divorce, child custody or other family law matters in Calvert, St. Mary’s, Charles or Prince George’s County.

Southern Maryland Divorce Lawyers

Obtaining a divorce in Maryland requires meeting specific statutory requirements and proving that adequate grounds exist to dissolve a marriage. We’ll advise you from the outset on the proper steps to take in securing a divorce, including obtaining a limited divorce and temporary orders while fulfilling the requirements for a no-fault divorce, until a petition for absolute divorce can be legally filed. During the divorce, whether in negotiations, mediation or litigation, we prepare and present a compelling case to protect your interests and those of your children in matters such as child custody, child support, alimony, and the division of marital property.

Our Prince Frederick divorce lawyers are further available for post-divorce enforcement or modifications of domestic relations orders. If a parental relocation or other changed circumstances warrant a change in custody or support, or if a former spouse or co-parent is not complying with court orders regarding alimony, custody or support, we provide strong, aggressive advocacy in court on your behalf.

Maryland Adoption Attorneys

Seeking a legal adoption can be a costly, time-consuming and emotionally challenging affair. All the time, effort and expense are worth it if your adoption is successful in the end, but it can be tragically painful to see an adoption fall through for reasons that could have been avoided. At Meng Law, our Maryland adoption attorneys understand the important rights at stake for all involved, and we work to get your adoption accomplished effectively and efficiently. Call our office in Prince Frederick to discuss your options for adopting and find out how we can help with agency adoptions, independent adoptions, DHS adoptions, step-parent adoptions and more.

Family Law Mediation

Any divorce or other family law matter can be referred to mediation if the parties voluntarily agree, and the court may sometimes order mediation as a step toward resolution. In some cases, such as contested child custody matters, mediation is always required. Sierra Mitchell and George Meng are trained and experienced in mediation and can ably represent your interests in Maryland divorce or family law mediation. Although not appropriate in every case, mediation has the potential to resolve a family law matter cheaper and with less stress than taking it to court. Also, parties are often more satisfied with a mediated resolution since they were able to take an active part in crafting a customized solution to meet their specific needs. Call our office to discuss whether mediation may be a viable approach to resolving your divorce or other family law matter.

Other Family Law Services

Family law is more than just divorce and child custody, and our comprehensive Maryland family law practice is here to help you with a variety of family-related legal matters, including:

Prenuptial Agreements – We can represent you in negotiating, drafting or reviewing a premarital agreement or post-marital agreement to make sure you are taken care of and not taken advantage of in case of divorce. We are also here to litigate challenges to the validity, interpretation or enforceability of prenuptial agreements as needed.

Paternity – A child’s legal father can assert rights to custody or visitation, and he can be ordered to pay child support as well. If paternity has not been established prior to a child custody dispute or child support matter, we can help seek or oppose paternity proceedings on your behalf.

Domestic Violence – Spousal abuse may be grounds for divorce in Maryland. Even in a no-fault divorce, the emotions surrounding a contested divorce can give rise to heated exchanges and possibly violence or the threat of violence. Whether in the midst of a divorce proceeding or at any time, if your safety or the safety of your children is threatened, the family law attorneys at Meng Law can help you get a protective order for your safety. We also represent parties in hearings seeking or opposing final protective orders.

Call Meng Law for Help with Your Southern Maryland Family Law Needs

For help with a divorce, adoption, child custody dispute or other family law matter in Southern Maryland, call Meng Law at 410-449-1647 to discuss your needs with a team of caring, compassionate and successful Prince Frederick family law attorneys.

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