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Prince Frederick Guardianship Attorney Serving Southern Maryland

At Meng Law, our Prince Frederick guardianship attorneys are sensitive and compassionate advocates for individuals and families. We handle the full range of guardianship issues — from setting up a guardianship for a disabled adult to representing clients in  guardianship litigation. To arrange a strictly private initial consultation with our Maryland guardianship lawyer, please contact our Prince Frederick law office today.

Guardianship in Maryland: Understanding the Basics

A guardian is a person who is appointed to make legal or financial decisions on behalf of another party who is not able to manage their own affairs. In Maryland, a guardianship could be put in place to protect a child, a disabled adult, or a person who has become temporarily or permanently incapacitated. A court may appoint a guardian of persons, a guardian of property, or both.

Notably, in Maryland, the process for obtaining a guardianship is a complicated one. In essence, a person who has been placed under a “guardianship” has lost the legal authority to make their own decisions. While that is certainly an appropriate step in some situations, it is also not something that a court takes lightly.

In determining competency or capacity, a Maryland court will need to see strong evidence that proves that a guardianship is warranted by the underlying circumstances. Further, Maryland law favors the use of a less restrictive alternatives whenever possible. Other alternative solutions such as setting up a durable power of attorney or a specialized trust may be preferred. This is something that Maryland courts will consider.

How Our Guardianship Litigation Attorneys Can Help

If you are involved in any type of dispute over a guardianship, it is imperative that you take immediate action to protect the health, safety, and legal rights of your family member or loved one. We are available to help. At Meng Law, our top-rated Maryland lawyers handle the full range of guardianship cases, including:

  • Incapacity proceedings;
  • Appointment of a guardian;
  • Guardianship accountings;
  • Removal of a guardian; and
  • Termination of a guardianship.

Guardianship cases, including guardianship litigation, must always be handled with the utmost level of care and sensitivity. Our law firm handles complex family law and estate planning issues. We will help you protect the rights and well-being of your vulnerable loved one, whether they are a child or an adult. Whether your loved one’s guardian is abusing their power or you believe that there is another issue, a lawyer can help.

Discuss Your Case With Our Prince Frederick Guardianship Attorneys Right Away

At Meng Law, our Maryland guardianship attorneys are compassionate, effective advocates for clients. If you have questions or concerns about setting up a guardianship, we are available to help. To schedule a fully confidential, no obligation review of your case, please contact our legal team today. From our office in Prince Frederick, we represent clients throughout Southern Maryland, including in Anne Arundel County, Howard County, and Prince George’s County.

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