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Trust Litigation

Attorneys, George Meng and Sierra Mitchell, represent trustees and beneficiaries

George Meng and Sierra Mitchell will answer your questions and help you resolve disputes related to trusts. When a lawsuit is in your best interests, we initiate litigation and take your case to trial. If you have been sued, we provide a vigorous defense.

What is a trust?

The term trust is very broad and can mean many different things. When one person is legally holding property for the benefit of another person, there is a trust in place according to Maryland trust law. The person who controls the trust assets is known as the trustee. Two common types of trusts are:

  • Testamentary trusts — part of a person’s last will and testament
  • Revocable trusts — sometimes referred to as living trusts

Revocable or living trusts are typically established by people while they are alive, primarily to avoid the probate process when they die.

What is trust litigation?

The word litigation means a contest in a court of justice for the purpose of enforcing a right. If you were to file a lawsuit against someone, you would be engaging in litigation. Trust litigation refers to disputes about trusts that proceed to court. Examples of disputes that may result in trust litigation include:

  • Beneficiaries of a trust believe that a trustee has misappropriated or improperly handled assets.
  • Beneficiaries have asked for an accounting and been ignored or refused.
  • The trustee might be making improper investments.

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