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Probate Law in Maryland

Attorney in Prince Frederick for distribution of estates

Every Maryland estate must pass through probate. If you have been given responsibility for a decedent’s estate, you need a qualified lawyer to help you through the process. At Meng Law, we help you understand your responsibilities and carry out your duties.

What is the probate process?

Probate is the legal process of verifying the estate of a deceased person. The tasks include:

If the person had a valid last will and testament, probate is conducted according to the instructions given in that will. But if the person died intestate — without a valid will — probate distributions are made in accordance with Maryland law.

Who is in charge of probate?

The will usually assigns a specific person to be the personal representative — more commonly known as the executor — of the decedent's estate. This person is responsible for carrying out the wishes of the deceased as instructed by the will. When there is no will, a personal representative is assigned according to Maryland law. The probate process is supervised by the:

George Meng and Sierra Mitchell help personal representatives handle the necessary administrative proceedings of probate. Minor issues, such as the filing of an exception, can usually be handled in the Orphan's Court. Serious conflicts, such as will contests, generally proceed to Circuit Court for litigation. George Meng helps you avoid estate litigation whenever possible, and represents you in court when litigation is necessary.

Handle Maryland probate smoothly with guidance from George Meng

Meng Law can help you carry out your probate duties with ease. If you have been appointed as a personal representative of an estate and need help, please contact George E. Meng or Sierra Mitchell online or call them at 410.535.5500 today for a free consultation.