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Guardianship Litigation

George Meng and Sierra Mitchell, experienced guardianship litigation attorneys

George Meng and Sierra Mitchell will help you address contested guardianship situations. Whether you need to assume guardianship over another person or you have an issue with the actions of a guardian, lawyers George E. Meng and Sierra B. Mitchell can help you achieve your goals.

Securing guardianship of another person

If your loved one can no longer manage his or her own affairs due to illness or disability, you may want to seek a legal guardianship. The protected person is then known as a ward.   requires you to demonstrate that the ward is in need of assistance. Other interested parties may attend the guardianship hearing and:

  • Refute the ward’s need for guardianship
  • Challenge your fitness to be the guardian
  • Ask to be appointed as the guardian instead of you

You need a guardianship litigation attorney to represent your interests and those of the ward you seek to protect. George E. Meng and Sierra B. Mitchell can fight for your position and help you take care of your loved one properly.

Removing a guardianship through litigation

You may be dissatisfied with the appointment of a guardian over your loved one. Another family member may have received guardian status, or the state may have appointed a public guardian in the belief that no family members were available. Reasons that you might wish to remove such a guardian include:

  • The ward does not require a guardian.
  • The guardian’s conduct is not in the ward’s best interests.
  • You believe that you are better suited to act as guardian.

Removing a guardian is complicated, and requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. George E. Meng and Sierra B. Mitchell have extensive experience with guardianships and helping people do what is best for their loved ones.

Get help with guardianship litigation from experienced guardianship lawyers

George Meng and Sierra Mitchell will help you look after your loved ones in accordance with the law. If you have a guardianship issue, please contact George E. Meng and Sierra B. Mitchell online or call them at 410.535.5500 today for a free consultation.

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