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Maryland Estate & Probate Litigation

Prince Frederick lawyer for will contests and other estate disputes

During the probate process, interested parties have the opportunity to address their concerns about the distribution of an estate. Conflicts often arise among family members, who may disagree about the intent of the will or take issue with the court’s decisions in the absence of a will. George E. Meng and Sierra B. Mitchell are well-versed in probate law and the litigation of probate matters in the Orphans' Court, in the Circuit Court, and on appeals to the Court of Special Appeals or the Court of Appeals.

What is estate and probate litigation?

Estate vs. probate

Estate litigation lawyers often use the word estate when referring to the probate process. We might say we are "handling the probate of your relative’s estate," or simply that we are "handling your relative’s estate." Either way, we are talking about managing the process of moving an estate through probate.


The word litigation means a contest in a court of justice for the purpose of enforcing a right. If you were to file a lawsuit against someone, you would be engaging in litigation. Probate litigation can be particularly demanding, especially if the decedent's will was not properly prepared or if the beneficiaries don't have friendly relationships with one another. Probate disputes requiring litigation may include: